The Hound Pendant

The Hound Pendant


A devotional piece to our canine companions, The Hound Pendant celebrates our bond with the animal closest associated with loyalty, guardianship, and protection.

Inspired by illuminated manuscripts that included hounds in scenes from the Gothic period, The Hound echos the sentiment that their companionship is an integral part of life.

On the front, a hound is encircled by a decorative rope border, an unbreakable bond that has no start or finish. The rope is only interrupted at the very top by the limits of time and mortality. On the back, a pattern of interweaving starlight, immortal as the constellations. A love story living on for eons.

Each Hound Pendant is cast in solid sterling silver and hangs from an over scale 16” sterling silver chain. Longer chain lengths available upon request.

Dimensions - 1 1/8” x 1 5/16” x 1/8” | 28mm x 33mm x 3.5mm
Weight - 25 grams

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