The Venenum Pendant

The Venenum Pendant


Choose The Venenum Pendant as an amulet of protection against harmful situations. Harness the guardianship of a cobra combined with a ceremonial blade, giving the wearer courage to sever ties from negative thoughts or circumstances which do not serve them anymore. A single droplet of venom on the front of the design yields powerful protection via its namesake, Venenum, literally translating to ‘venom’ in Latin.

Snakes have an established history of representing transformation, rebirth, resurrection, and initiation in the mystical world. Because a snake sheds its skin, it has long been an example of death and rebirth. It sheds its skin as it outgrows the old. A snake sees through lidless eyes, never blinking, evoking vigilant consciousness and awareness.

A cobra inherently carries the capacity to kill being a venomous snake, but only does so when threatened or needs to survive. Contrary to popular belief, cobras temperaments are quite mild and they will attempt to escape when confronted. However, if continually provoked, the cobra can be highly aggressive, prompting the snake to rear up and expand its hood in a dramatic display. The same can be said about the protective intentions of this design - do no harm but take no grief. This piece is ideal for someone needing the courage to initiate change in a negative situation.

Each Venenum Pendant is cast in solid sterling silver and is debossed with the Dichotomie monogram for authenticity. Hangs from a 16” sterling silver rope chain.

Dimensions - 1 7/8” x 5/8” x 9/16” | 48mm x 16mm x 14mm
Weight - 21 grams

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