La Demi-Lune Pendant (Brass)

La Demi-Lune Pendant (Brass)

$225.00 — Sold out

Carry the weight of history with La Demi-Lune Pendant. Each guillotine blade is hand crafted and sharpened in bras, topped with walnut wood and sterling silver rivets. Choose from a 20” sterling silver chain (with 4” dropdown) or an 18” sterling silver chain (with no dropdown).

During the span of its usage, the guillotine has gone by many names, some of which include La Demi-Lune, or The Half-Moon, and is best known for its role during the French Revolution. The notoriety of the guillotine was perpetuated in French society when women and men alike would wear small reproductions of the blade as jewelry to show their support for the Republic. Similarly, the Bals des Victimes (or Victims’ Balls) were dances that were held after the Reign of Terror when the guillotine was at its peak use. Attendees wore a red ribbon around their necks where the point of a guillotine blade’s impact would be. Hundreds of years later, the guillotine is an icon that is still capable of casting a dark shadow over history.

Dimensions - 1 1/8” x 1 5/8” x 5/16” | 28mm x 42mm x 8mm
Weight - 15 grams
Length of Chain - Varies, see above

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